We are asked on a daily basis which resort we recommend, Couples Negril or Couples Swept Away. This is truly one of the hardest questions to answer that we get. So, recently we went to Jamaica and spent half of our time at each.

The rooms are a tie. Both resorts have nicely furnished rooms with nice patios or balconies. Maybe Couples Swept Away has a slight edge on the balcony or patio or as they say “verandah”. Couples Negril would definitely be your best bet if you are going with the least expensive room. A garden view room at Couples Negril has a bathtub, TV and a mini-bar. Currently at Couples Swept Away the garden suites don’t come with any of these 3 items.

The restaurants are a tie. Both have 4 and each have gourmet, international and Caribbean. Couples Swept Away has Lemon Grass (Thai), while Couples Negril has Lychee (Asian). The food was great.
The pools are a tie, but they are different. Couples Negril has the one large pool with the swim-up pool bar area and has more space than the swim-up pool area at Couples Swept Away. Couples Swept Away does have a second pool that is nice and quiet.

The beaches at both are incredible. The waves at Couples Negril are a little calmer because it’s located in the bay. I would give Couples Negril a win here, but since Couples Swept Away is on 7 mile beach you can stroll for hours. It’s just a 5 minute stroll to Margaritaville, where we met some real characters and had some fun. So again, TIE.

Both are great for all inclusive honeymoons and all inclusive weddings. We congratulated several honeymoon couples and had a nice conversation with a hot tub full of 5 honeymoon couples. We were the only couple that was not on our honeymoon. We watched at least 4 weddings from the beach. They both have great beach locations and gazebos in the gardens.

In the end, we decided that our favorite was the one that we were at. So, we still can’t answer that question very easily, but we do have a better tan and are more relaxed.