The last two months have been a whirlwind!  Tarik proposed on November 9th and we were on the phone with you on November 21st desperately hoping we’d be able to book a Couples Resort in Jamaica for a New Year’s Eve wedding.  You asked, “New Year’s Eve 2008?” and when we said, “No, New Year’s Eve 2007,” Tarik and I held our breath.  We knew we needed a miracle, but you never skipped a beat.  You said, “Okay….let’s get you married in Jamaica on New Year’s Eve.”  After working late into the night on Thanksgiving Eve, you booked us the perfect wedding and honeymoon at Couples Sans Souci.  We never had one minute of stress.  Brides are usually stressed, frustrated, and too tired to enjoy their own wedding.  My experience was the exact opposite.  I enjoyed every minute.  Nadia handled every detail and I simply showed up.  Our room was beautiful and spacious with an amazing view.  We recommend getting a room with a balcony.  Calling for room service and sitting outside on the patio to eat breakfast while watching the ocean is the height of pampering and luxury.  Thanks to you and the staff at San Souci our wedding was picture perfect.Thank you,

Brooke & Tarik
Couples Sans Souci