LINDA DANCER is BY FAR the BEST travel agent and wedding coordinator out there! I originally stumbled upon Linda while googling for some wedding help to plan a wedding in Kauai Hawaii and boy did I luck out! I got a hold of Linda and from day 1 she was nothing but helpful, kind, understanding, and patient! Linda first asked me what I had pictured for my dream wedding and I gave her an idea that was all over the map because I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted yet. My only requirement was somewhere grassy near the beach. I was worried because I am a full time student again, and my now husband had an emergency surgery that stole nearly our entire wedding budget, so I wasn’t sure if our dream wedding in Kauai could even happen on such a small budget. Linda told me anything was possible and immediately came back with many affordable suggestions, pictures, ideas, and options. Linda went above and beyond….not only did she suggest a bunch of places, but she contacted ALL of the places I was interested in to see if my wedding on a tight budget could even happen.  She worked with all of them, and COMPLETELY took the stress off of me having to do it all! Once we decided on a place, I posted Linda’s information on our wedding website for all of my guests to use for travel accommodations. Linda took care of it all, and EVERY single one of my guests had wonderful things to say about Linda.

I will use Linda for LIFE! Although her specialty is weddings and honeymoons, she is the best travel agent out there in my opinion for anything you want to do or anywhere you want to go. Linda doesn’t even cost anything to you as the customer…which is unheard of so what more could you possibly ask for!??  Thanks to Linda my wedding was WAY MORE than I thought it would be, and my vision and dream had certainly come true.  I have the most beautiful pictures of any wedding I’ve ever seen thanks to Linda and her expertise in knowing exactly what I had pictured!  I cannot thank Linda enough, and I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING negative to say about Linda… she truly is perfect at her job and you will not be disappointed in using Linda Dancer!!  Thank You Linda!! XOXO
Eric & AJ Cooper