Hi Kimberly,
We just got back a few weeks ago from the Rendezvous, St Lucia, and cannot express enough how fabulous it was!  Not only was everyone extremely accomodating, but people went out of their way to ensure our wedding was perfect.  By this I mean one of the staff members rode a bike into town to find a brush the day of my wedding that I neglected to pack.  Talk about exceeding expectations!  This is one of many instances where this resort superceded all others BY FAR!  We cannot say enough good things about the Rendezvous!  This is a very intimate resort where you don’t have the screaming kids or the crazy out of control young adults either.  It was perfect!  They keep you entertained with the games and activities (always come in 2nd place, you’ll see why when you go).  The food is excellent and let me say they have top shelf liquor that’s included, awesome!  All the activities on the resort are also included: scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing, and tubing.  This was not only the best vacation we’ve ever had, but a wedding that was truly magical!

Kevon & Andrea
Rendezvous, St Lucia