Let me tell you, this place not only exceeded my expectations but also let me live out my childhood dreams. Ever since Atlantis opened and I would see the commercials in elementary school, I begged my mom to go. However, we just could not afford it. Fast forward 20+ years later and I am sliding down the Serpent (a waterslide) giggle as if I were the 10-year old girl watching the commercials years ago. The food was good, the entertainment was ongoing, the rooms were very comfortable, and honestly, four days was not long enough. I have never been to a place where the resort does not have a bad angle to take a picture and boy, did we take pictures. From The Dig to the hotel itself, this place provides an abundance of opportunities to capture all the fun. My kids also enjoyed themselves to the fullest. With one being a pool baby (11 pools to choose from) and the other being a beach baby (white sand and blue waters) the resort provided them with both. This is one of the places I can actually say I did not want to leave. It was a slice of paradise on Paradise Island. Traci (trip #3), Peyton and Avery (trip #1)