Disney is over !!’ We took snacks home as you said ? when I get home I’m going to post and recommend you for my friends and family as well as the public. I have tears in my eyes bc everything you said or advised was ON POINT!!! That experience was everything you hear EVERYTHING for us. It was unbelievably magical and I can’t wait to go back !!! We wore our buttons got VIP seats for Indiana Jones bc of it and got free boxes of dessert from restaurants. We ate so so soooooo much ugh and it was delicious!!!! We are going to Jamaica next year and guess what !!!???? We’re hoping to book with you for that and also 2020 Disney for my daughter and MY HUSBAND hehehe and I! Thank you Shannon and to tag you use the honeymoon username on IG??? Please advise because I want the credit for you. Have a magical day!