When we are helping you plan this very special trip, we try to avoid the “C” word. But, so many people ask for cheap honeymoon packages, that I always like to address this subject. We are here to help you and our services are free, so we try our best to give you what you ask for. One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, “what cheap honeymoon packages do you offer?”

Quick point: With an all inclusive honeymoon, you’ll always pay a little more upfront than other cheap honeymoon alternatives. In the long run, you will save money overall. I recently spent a week in Florida on the beach for a week. The price was very reasonable even with gas still over $3.00/gallon. Even though i tend to be frugal, I spent a fortune. I was on vacation. I wasn’t just going to sit around my room all day and eat fast food at night. Cruises are very similar. You can find a very inexpensive cruise, but you’ll either spend quite a bit of money enjoying yourself or be bored. Even with an all inclusive honeymoon, you can spend extra money on island tours, spa treatments, and other items like shopping. But you have all the basics necessary to have a good time covered with an all inclusive: beach, ocean, pool, activities, nighttime entertainment, meals and drinks.

This is the how to find your best cheap honeymoon package. Start with a honeymoon in  Jamaica – Ocho Rios, put in your departure date and a return date of 3 nights later. This is our minimum stay requirement. Put in your departure city and hit the price with air button. Choose a flight and pay attention to times. If you are staying for a short time, you don’t want to arrive late and leave early. You’ll see a list of resort prices listed in order of popularity. Click on the sort by price low to high. We chose to leave August 4th from Atlanta to the 7th and found the 4 star Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica for only $778 per person with non-stop air on Delta.

Now do the same but change the destination to a honeymoon in Cancun – Riviera Maya. We chose August 4 to the the 7th again from Atlanta and found the 3 star Allegro Playacar for only $765 per person with non-stop air on Air Tran. If you have more money left, we encourage you to stay as long as you can.

Prices are always subject to change until booked. These prices were obtained at 5:30 p.m. on the 4th of March.

Be sure and check and see if you can upgrade the resort rating. A 4 star is much nicer than a 3 star and the 5 stars are much better than the 4. We also encourage you to try the same procedure from our adults only all inclusive page. The adult only resorts are going to price higher, but the romance meter goes way up. If you want to try different destinations, our pricing feature makes it easy for you.