All Inclusive Honeymoon Package Tips

Planning your all inclusive honeymoon package should be exciting and fun. Sit back and dream of the perfect island or resort for your most special vacation ever. Your honeymoon should give your marriage a perfect start. Your memories will last a lifetime. Picture yourselves lying in a hammock for two, swaying to a soft Caribbean breeze, the sound of the ocean waves relaxing your souls, while you sip a pina colada out of a coconut shell.

Honeymoons, Inc. can make the planning process stress-free. Our professionals have extensive experience in helping you find the perfect destination, the perfect resort, and best values.

All Inclusive Honeymoon Planning Tips from Honeymoons, Inc.

Some Basic Honeymoon Package Tips:

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  • Plan Ahead. Make your reservations at least 6 months ahead if possible. This allows you to get early booking discounts, and get the type of room that you want and the best flight times.
  • Budget.Splurge but don’t overburden yourself. This is a trip you’ll remember the rest of your life. You’ll always remember the honeymoon, but you’ll forget how much you spent. All-inclusive resorts make your budgeting much easier, because these honeymoon packages include practically everything.
  • Consider activities your interested in, beach bumming, golf, snorkeling, nightlife, breakfast in bed, bicycling, scuba, exploring ancient ruins, gambling, etc
  • Check your Calendar. How long do you want to be gone? If you can only be gone for a few nights, look for something close. If you’re planning for one week, try to limit your transportation time. If you have a few weeks, the whole world opens up.
  • Food. Dining is always near the top of the list for vacationers, especially honeymooners. Make sure you’ll be able to have pleasurable dining experiences.
  • Surprise or not to Surprise. Planning a surprise honeymoon is very risky. Use extreme caution. Make sure you know it will be a pleasant surprise, or the surprise might be on you.
  • Friends and Family are great resources for honeymoon ideas.
  • Photographs. Force yourself to take as many pictures as you can stand. You’ll be happy you did. We can’t stress this enough. Before you leave for the airport, take a picture. On the way to the airport, take a picture. On the airplane, take a picture. This will get you started right away.
  • Plan to relax. Especially on the first day. Unwind. Smell the roses. Enjoy each other. Weddings tend to be stressful. The honeymoon package should be stress free.
  • Accommodations. Book the best room that you can afford! We do prefer to put you at the best resort possible within your budget even if we have to put you in a room without an ocean view. The resorts, however, are always telling us about how many clients try to upgrade once they arrive and see the beachfront rooms.
  • Packing. Always put some of her clothes in his bag, and put some of his clothes in her bag, just as a precaution. Never pack valuables such as jewelry, cameras and prescription drugs. Pack a carry on bag with valuables, prescriptions, suntan lotion, swimwear, travel documents, and sunglasses, just in case you have to wait for your room. Take a very small 1 ounce suntan lotion, since carry-on luggage now limits liquids.