Sandals Barbados vs Sandals Grenada, My Island Hop

I just returned from 3 nights at Sandals Barbados and 4 nights at Sandals LaSource Grenada. I highly recommend the island hop packages, especially an all inclusive honeymoon package.

Sandals LaSource Grenada was the winner, but Sandals Barbados is great also. Liat made the connection between the 2 very easy. You still use a large part of the day on transfer day in or near the airport.

First let’s take a look at the facilities at both.

Sandals Barbados

280 rooms and suites, 2 sections and 15 categories
11 restaurants and 7 bars, including Sandals first Indian Restaurant
3 pools and 2 whirlpools

Sandals LaSource Grenada

257 rooms and suites, 4 villages and 22 categories
10 restaurants and 6 bars
5 pools and 2 whirlpools

The beach

Let’s first take a look at the beaches. Sandals Barbados has sugar white sand.The water can vary, but we had red flags every day, which means use extreme caution, but we enjoyed the waves. The beach is wide enough, but it’s not a long walk beach. Sandals LaSource Grenada doesn’t have the sugar white sand, and it even has some black sand mixed in. The rock walls have mad a few lagoons that were great for swimming. Many guests also snorkeled along the rocks, where a great variety of fish could be seen. Remember, Sandals doesn’t provide snorkels for beach snorkeling. So, for me the beach at Grenada was more enjoyable, but for pictures, Barbados was much better.

beach at Sandals LaSource Grenada

The Vibe

I was a little surprised that Grenada was more lively. At 11pm in Grenada, i was going to bed because i was so tired. At 11pm in Barbados, I was going to bed, because everyone else was. Grenada had a younger crowd, but i know demographics can really vary week to week.

Sandals Barbados Beach

The rooms

Grenada has so many unique and really special rooms. As far as variety and quality of rooms, Sandals Grenada has as much to offer as all Sandals with the exception maybe of the 3 that have over the water suites. You can get honeymoon hideaway suites, rondoval suites with private pools and the now famous skypool suites. Sandals Barbados has nice rooms. I really liked the swim up butler suites. The new Sandals Royal Barbados opening in December will bring some incredible rooms to Barbados.

skypool suite at sandals grenada

The restaurants

I’m going to give Barbados just a minor edge here, because they have the only Sandals Indian restaurant. The Bombay Club was my favorite meal of the week.

Indian restaurant at Sandals Barbados

Tours and excursions

Toss up:) I really enjoyed swimming with the turtles in Barbados. You get to be up close and personal with these beautiful large creatures. In Grenada, i did a 3 hour private tour and saw the waterfalls, rainforest and downtown. I was amazed by the cleanliness. The islanders on both destinations are extremely friendly. If i had stayed longer in Grenada, i would have took a dune buggy tour, because everyone at the resort was raving. Both islands have an amazing variety of things to see & things to do.