My short answer:


My long answer:

Many people think that if they go directly to the resort or directly to the airline, they will find the best deal. I could see where intuitively, you would think,  “take out the middleman and save”. This is simply not true and in most cases going direct will cost you more. Travel Agents are the preferred distribution channel of all our travel partners. Our resort and airline suppliers don’t want to undercut our prices. Our experience and knowledge give our suppliers happier and more informed consumers. We also cost our suppliers less than managing their own reservation staff or paying a call center to handle their direct reservations.

A travel agent will give you better information. When you contact Honeymoons, Inc., you will be assigned a personal agent. You will have this agent’s email and direct phone number. This agent will be accessible to you from initial planning to arriving home. When you book with a mega travel site you have to speak to whomever answers the phone. When you book with the hotel direct, you do not get a personal contact. Because we are accountable from start to finish, we will always give you a correct answer. Resort staff tell us that one of the biggest complaints they get from clients on property is that someone told them the resort included this or that. Most often this is from a resort’s call center. These call centers are large and the turnover rate is high. You can call the same number and get 3 different answers. Staff  at the call centers are provided a little training and access to google to answer your questions. Our agents average over 10 years experience with selling all inclusive honeymoon resorts. Our agents are required to travel, attend seminars and take webinars. Our agents can easily compare resorts if you need help choosing the perfect resort for you.

Honeymoons, Inc. is also used to speaking in terms that you understand. Sometimes information can be correct and confusing. For example, Iberostar Resorts (which I love by the way), has 5 resorts on Paraiso beach. 2 are basic, 2 are nice and 1 is incredibly luxurious. If you read their website, you can see they are all listed as 5 star with the nicest, Iberostar Grand Paraiso being listed as the highest category of 5 star. Each resort company can use their own star system, so you can’t always go with stars. The point here is that we understand what American travelers want. We know that if you ask for a 5 star, you are looking for the incredibly luxurious one. We also know that if we put you in one of the basic resorts and tell you that it is 5 star, that we will not like your welcome home response.

Honeymoons, Inc. will also give you a better level of service. We know how important a honeymoon vacation is and we will not treat you like a number.

RECAP: If you want better prices, better information and better service, do not book direct.