Secrets Maroma Beach and Secrets Wild Orchid are 2 of the best all inclusive resorts to be found in the Caribbean. The name Maroma Beach says it all. We could fill this resort every day if it was a dump (it is not), just because of the beach. Wild Orchid in Jamaica was supposed to be the lively resort. Secrets St James next door was going to be the romantic one that we should recommend to our guests. Wild Orchid has ended up being more popular with our clientele. Our guess is that since so many of our clients want to make sure they haven’t picked a boring resort, a name like Wild Orchid is attractive. This resort is active, fun and lively.

Both Resorts have all the features that Secrets Resorts are known for:

  • Unlimited-Luxury® (great all inclusive program)
  • Adults Only
  • Luxury Resort Rating
  • Gourmet restaurants (no reservations required)
  • 24 hour room service
  • All junior suite or bigger
  • Unlimited Connectivity (free WiFi and call home free app)
  • Great All Inclusive Honeymoon Package
  • Great Caribbean Wedding Package
  • All Inclusive Anniversary Package
  • World Class Spas (treatments and products not included)

Let’s look at both individually:

Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun:

  • 7 restaurants
  • 7 bars
  • 410 rooms
  • 98 Swim out suites

Secrets Wild Orchid Montego Bay:

  • 8 restaurants
  • 10 bars
  • 350 rooms (really 700, St James next door has 350 and they both share the restaurants and bars)
  • 16 Swim out suites (not many so please book early)

So, how do you choose? First, if you are a beach lover, Wild Orchid has a nice beach, but Maroma wins this battle hands down.

The second and final reason to choose one over the other is the destination. Jamaica is quintessential Caribbean. You’ll find the rolling green hills, waterfalls, beaches, turquoise Caribbean waters mixed with lots of rum and reggae. The Cancun/Riviera Maya region has the white sand and blue waters of the Caribbean, but away from the coast is very different. Most of inland is jungle, with 6 foot scrub trees so thick you can’t even go in unless you make a path. The region is very interesting though with jungle tours to the Mayan ruins. Chichen Itza was named one of the new 7 wonders of the world because these ruins are so fascinating. Would you rather dine on tacos and guacamole or jerk chicken and beef patties? I’m going to say Secrets Wild Orchid wins this one, because i personally prefer Jamaica. That is not a unanimous opinion in this office. Even at home, this opinion is not unanimous.

So, we give them a tie. Which one is best for you really depends on YOU. If you have a hard time deciding, contact us. We are pretty good at matching resorts and couples together.