Secrets St James vs Secrets Wild Orchid

Is Secrets St James or Secrets Wild Orchid better? This is a very frequently asked question. Like all my answers, I can’t just say St James. Sorry, correct answers are never that simple. This is a personal judgment call. The resorts are side by side and are practically the same. The decor is slightly different.

When the two resorts were built, Secrets thought that Secrets St James would be for the all inclusive honeymoon and anniversary couples. Secrets Wild Orchid would be adults and couples looking for a fun and luxurious all inclusive vacation. We’ve found a pretty equal split with our clients. Both are perfect for a Jamaica honeymoon or more specifically, a Montego Bay honeymoon.

Secrets St James on the left

In the picture above you’ll notice the different roof colors and Secrets St James is white, where Secrets Wild Orchid is more of a cream color.

Let’s look at the resort’s taglines.

Secrets St James

– Peaceful Sophisticated Paradise

Secrets Wild Orchid

– Stylish Radiant Fun

beach at Secrets Resorts Montego Bay

My recommendation is to decide on which one of those taglines fits your personality. The resorts share restaurants and the promenade with shops and nightly entertainment, so you really get the feel that this is one resort not two. To me, this isn’t two 350 room resorts. This is one really nice 700 room resort.

Some of our past guests claim that Secrets Wild Orchid has better views, because it is right on the point of the peninsula, especially the preferred club section. Some of our past guests claim that Secrets St James has a better beach. I personally feel they are so close on beach and views, I wouldn’t make either of these claims.

swim up suite at secrets wild orchid

Secrets Wild Orchid is closer to the promenade and most of the restaurants. Secrets Wild Orchid also has swim up suites and St James does not.

I hope this helps a little. Again, go with the tagline that fits your personality. You cannot go wrong with either resort. Remember, both are adults only all inclusive resorts and are great for honeymoons, anniversaries and Caribbean weddings. These 2 resorts will be found on pretty much every list of Top Caribbean Honeymoon Resorts and Top Caribbean Wedding Resorts.

all inclusive caribbean wedding at secrets st james